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Meal plan generator

Choose Calories & Macronutrients

The meal plan generator allows you to specify how many calories per day are required, as well as Protein, Fat, and Carbohydrate needs


Specify Diet Parameters

You can choose a diet, ingredients to exclude, allergens, cuisine, number of meals per day, and more. All to make sure your plan suits your clients’ needs

Generate Hundreds of Options

Mealplana will compile suitable options that match your requirements by combining recipes from an extensive database. All in less than a minute.

Let Mealplana do the heavy-lifting for you

With Mealplana’s meal plan generator, you can create highly-specific meal plans for your clients in a matter of minutes.

Simply specify your requirements for the diet, and click the Generate Meal Plan button. Mealplana will assemble multiple options that meet the parameters supplied.

Calories | Macronutrients | Number of Meals per Day | Ingredients to Exclude | Cuisine | Diet | Intolerances

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Mix & Match Results to Assemble a Meal Plan

Mealplana will produce hundreds of potential combinations of recipes. All of these options match your Calorie and Macronutrient restrictions; as well as other parameters specified when generating a meal plan.

You can choose as many days as you need for your meal plan, and quickly assemble a suitable, professional-looking plan for your clients.

You can also customise the recipes within the plan after choosing options, so if anything needs tweaking that won’t be a problem.

Create your first meal plan today

Mealplana starts at USD$39.99 per month, per user. Every plan includes a 7-day free trial. You can pay in different currencies, change plan/cancel anytime, and bulk discounts are automatically included for larger teams