Learn what Mealplana can do for you

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Meal Plan Generator

The meal plan generator can help you create a professional-looking meal plan with a few clicks.

Simply specify calorie/macronutrient requirements, a diet, and foods to avoid, and the generator will find hundreds of potential options for meal plans that meet the parameters.

Meal Plans

A powerful spreadsheet editor that allows you to create professional meal plans fast.

Search multiple food databases using the nutrition search bar, incorporate recipes with cooking instructions, and get accurate nutrition information as you type. The interface has been designed for productivity.


Mealplana allows you to create your own recipes or to query a database with 360,000+ recipes.

Effortlessly get nutritional analysis, and include ingredients, preparation instructions, and other relevant information into your recipes. Recipes can be added to any meal plan to guide your clients in preparing meals.

Fitness CRM

A client relationship management system to keep track of clients’ fitness goals

Record anthropometric measurements over time, body composition goals, keep track of progress with charts, and get formulas and insights such as BMI, BMR, and protein daily requirements for clients