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Do you need to produce professional looking recipes for clients? Perhaps you work as a dietitian, personal trainer or coach. Or maybe you are writing a recipe book or blog? If any of this applies to you, you may benefit from using recipe analysis software like Mealplana.

Maybe you not only want to list a recipe’s ingredients and preparation instructions, but you also must perform food nutrient analysis. I.e. calculating the nutrients in ingredients in your recipe to ensure they are adequate.

If you work with recipes on a regular basis, Mealplana can serve as your recipe analysis software to cover all your needs.

Mealplana allows you to analyse recipes in-depth, compose them, and produce professional-looking documents for your clients.

The advantages of using recipe analysis software

Mealplana is a specialised meal planning software for professionals. As such, the software provides purpose-built tools for recipe and meal plan creation and management.

So, why would someone want to use software to create and analyse recipes. Can’t this be done in a simple text editor?

Mealplana is far superior to a text editor or general-purpose tools for recipe analysis because it has been designed with the sole goal of making working with recipes as efficient as possible.

For instance, the nutrients of any ingredient you enter in a recipe are automatically computed for you using multiple food databases.

Not only that, you can query a recipes database containing 360,000+ items for inspiration. You can either use recipes from the database, create your own, or make variations of recipes from the database.

Moreover, the client-facing document produced for a client with Mealplana is professional-looking, and can be customised to suit your branding.

Finally, as you grow your collection of recipes in the software, you will be able to re-use them in meal plans. The recipes are organised neatly on your behalf and can be searched anytime.

The recipe overview in Mealplana

When you create a recipe in Mealplana, you are presented with the recipe overview screen.

This screen allows you to:

  • Upload an image for your recipe
  • Type the recipe name, servings, and prep time
  • Specify cooking and preparation instructions
  • Add any additional comments
  • Display the original source for your recipe if you have used a third-party source like a website

You can see an example below for a Torta Di Banana (banana cake) recipe.

recipes overview screen
Recipe overview where the name, instructions, servings, and preparation time are specified

How recipe analysis software helps with ingredient management

If you write down a recipe in a piece of paper or text editor, you can list every ingredient as text.

However, if you need to know exact portion sizes, as well as obtain accurate nutritional data for your ingredients, relying on a plain text document is insufficient.

With Mealplana, you can use our spreadsheet editor to enter ingredients, their quantity, and portion size. The ingredients are queried in the database so that you get nutrition facts for each one of them.

Below is an example of how the ingredient editor looks like for our Banana cake recipe.

recipe ingredients editor
Recipe ingredients editor, including amounts and portions

As you can see, the editor lists eggs, butter, bananas, etc. You can edit any ingredient, make substitutions, change amounts, etc as you see fit.

So, for instance, imagine you wanted to make a variation of this recipe for a client that cannot consume dairy. You could remove the butter/yogurt in the recipe, and add a suitable alternative. The nutrients in the recipe would be automatically updated as soon as you make the change.

Having an ingredient editor coupled with a food database can save you a lot of time, as well as allow you to demonstrate professionalism when you give clients accurate nutritional analysis along their recipes.

Analysing energy, protein, carbohydrate, and fat content

recipe analysis software for macronutrients
Recipe macronutrients summary, including energy, protein, fat, and carbs in the recipe

Once you enter ingredients in the recipe, you can see the macronutrient analysis summary as displayed above.

The summary gives you an overview of how much Energy, Protein, Fat, and Carbs are in a given recipe.

On the other hand, we also provide breakdown metrics if you need to dig deeper into specific ingredients. You can see below how this breakdown would look like for our example recipe.

The table shows that most of the energy in the recipe comes from butter, sugar, and flour. We can also find that eggs and flour provide some protein, but this is dwarfed by fat/carbs coming from other ingredients (as would be expected in a cake recipe).

Having a macronutrients analysis available at different levels of granularity (overview vs breakdown) can help you answer questions about your recipes and design suitable recommendations for your clients.

macronutrient breakdown per ingredient
Macronutrient breakdown per ingredient in recipe

Analysing micronutrients in the recipe

If macronutrient analysis were not enough, Mealplana also allows you to see a micronutrient analysis for your recipe.

You can either see a summary, i.e. the total micronutrients in your recipe, or a breakdown per ingredient.

The screenshots below showcase how this analysis looks like for our example Banana cake recipe.

recipe micronutrient analysis software
Recipe micronutrient summary – showing total micronutrients in recipe
recipe analysis software micronutrient breakdown
Recipe micronutrient breakdown per ingredient

Producing a document for your client

Whenever you finish editing and reviewing your recipe, you can generate a pdf file to hand in to clients.

The software allows you to pick which sections you want to include in the final document. So, you may keep it really simple (no nutrient analysis) or really complex by adding all the nutrition tables to the file.

The PDF file produced by Mealplana will contain your logo and other branding elements. We aim to provide multiple templates to choose from in the future so that you can customise the look of the document.

Do you work with recipes? Please give Mealplana a go and see if it can help you with your work! We offer a free trial to help you test the software out.

On the other hand, if you want to check out a complete practice management software for dietitians and nutritionists, please consider NutriAdmin – our other company product.

Thanks for reading, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about Mealplana.

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