Mealplana software quality

Mealplana software quality

This article describes some of the key decisions about Mealplana software quality. Are you interested in using Mealplana? Here you can get a high-level sense of the technology powering the app.

Mealplana is mainly a tool for work. As such, Mealplana is intended to be used long-term and regularly. Many people considering professional software would want to make sure the app will be reliable and run smoothly.

In this post, we outline some of the factors that make Mealplana desirable from a technical perspective. We have tried to limit using computing jargon. Anyone should be be able to follow along without needing an IT background.

What makes quality software stand out?

We have all had some terrible experiences with software before. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to use an app that just won’t work. The issue gets worse if technical support cannot fix issues.

Conversely, there are also examples of great software out there. When using a high quality software product, the functionality works without problems. The experience is smooth and painless.

What are some key qualities that make excellent software remarkable? Some of these include reliability, flexibility to change, and future-potential.

Great software is reliable

We all want reliable software – i.e. software that works as intended without bugs. Mealplana has extensive automated testing coverage (100% unit test coverage) to ensure reliability.

Automated testing means that every time a new update for the software is released, an automated system tests all the changes. The system also verifies the software works as intended after the changes.

For the sake of illustration, you can imagine a robot clicking every possible button in the app and checking it works with every release.

Moreover, when we are writing code for Mealplana, our systems simply don’t permit untested code from being released into the live app.

It is well known in the software industry that testing improves reliability. We know this well. Our other software product, NutriAdmin, has had close to 100% automated testing in place for years. As a result, most NutriAdmin users never encounter a bug in their journey with the app.

Having automated testing greatly reduces the chances for bugs/glitches in the software. That being said, errors still can occur from time to time. That’s why we also incorporate flexibility in Mealplana.

Increasing Mealplana software quality with flexibility

Software systems can be flexible or rigid. A rigid system is hard to change; a flexible system is not.

Why does this matter in terms of an app? Well, apps in the modern age need to constantly adapt to external changes.

For example, users demand new features, vendors can change data formats, new regulations require updating software components, etc. Flexible apps can handle all these changes and more.

Another key change a quality software system needs to handle well is bug reports. When a user finds a bug, the error should be corrected as fast as possible.

If a software system is rigid – i.e. a messy legacy app that is bloated and painful to change – developers can take a long time to correct any given bug. Moreover, in extreme cases, correcting one bug may cause another in such systems.

Mealplana is flexible by design. Our software is divided into many atomic modules that work and are tested independently from each other. This makes the software extremely adaptable to new changes.

For instance, when a bug is detected, the problem can be isolated to a tiny section of the codebase. Changes can be made quickly and deployed- typically within the same day.

Again, with NutriAdmin, we have followed similar design guidelines. Historically, we have been able to fix most bugs very quickly. Sometimes within hours of being reported.

But flexibility doesn’t just make it easier to fix bugs. Flexibility is important because it makes it easy to extend functionality over time. Which leads us to the next section.

The best software has potential for the future

When software is designed and built on top of solid foundations, there is potential for the future.

This means that it is easy for developers to add new features, improve functionality, etc.

Mealplana’s flexibility and design architecture take a long-term focus. We have created this software with the goal to be the best meal planning app for professionals. As such, we aim to extend the functionality and capabilities of Mealplana into the future.

The infrastructure powering the app (i.e. databases, servers, etc) can be scaled trivially easily. The codebase of the app is also designed to accommodate new features over time.

Why are some apps out there not as good as they could be

Most people creating software products want to make a good job and be proud of their results. However, often the people in charge of building a product face challenges such as:

  • Lack of funding for the project
  • Lack of technical expertise
  • Short-term focus as opposed to building the product for the long-term
  • Reliance on outdated infrastructure (i.e. the software is built on top of legacy systems)

There are obviously many other reasons, but we feel the above are common and representative.

Mealplana is in a relatively fortunate position because we don’t have to compromise the quality of the project for any of the reasons above.

Our company has been profitable since its inception in 2016. This means we have enough funding to think long-term. Our values have always included doing things well, even if it takes longer.

Furthermore, our team has 6+ years of highly-relevant experience developing apps for the nutrition market. So lack of technical expertise is not a limiting factor in our case.

Finally, Mealplana is built from scratch, using some of the latest technology available. This means we don’t need to rely on outdated resources. The app is fast, smooth, and clean.


Hopefully this overview shows that we care about Mealplana software quality. If you intend to use the software, you can rest assured that a lot of care has been dedicated to technical aspects.

We want to make it easy for any prospective user to choose Mealplana for their work. We offer a free trial so that anyone can check if they like the app.

If you would like to test Mealplana, you can sign up for a free trial at

Thanks for reading.

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