Introducing Mealplana’s knowledge base

Mealplana docs and knowledge base

Today we are launching Mealplana’s knowledge base and support centre, called simply Docs, you can access them at

The docs contain a variety of step-by-step tutorials with screenshots, as well as informative articles regarding the software.

A lot of care has been put into crafting these articles so that they solve specific issues and answer questions you may have as a user of the software.

In our 6+ years of experience with NutriAdmin, we have built a similar knowledge base with tutorial. Our data has shown that most users prefer answering their own questions in real time versus waiting for a technical support team member to handle the case.

Whilst talking to a real person is desirable in some cases (e.g. a complex query or very specific question) plenty of common scenarios (i.e. how to change a password) are better solved with a clear step-by-step guide.

Advantages of a complete knowledge base

Many software products online provide knowledge bases, often called docs, wikis, or help & support centres. When the articles and tutorials in these kind of docs are clear and concise, the user can easily solve most problems in a timely manner.

With Mealplana Docs, we strive to provide the highest quality support experience for our users. Here are some of the advantages of our knowledge base.

  • Articles are searchable, so you can type your question and find answers instantly
  • Tutorials are hyper-focused – meaning we try to answer one question per article. This way, you can get the answer you need exactly, without any other irrelevant content distracting you in the article
  • Tutorials are easy to follow. Steps are simple, and include a relevant screenshot. Most tutorials have fewer than 5 steps, so they tend to be really simple.
  • We collect usability data to improve the service. You can vote on which articles are helpful and which are not, and we also have data on queries users submit that don’t have a suitable tutorial available yet. Over time, this data allows us to improve any weak links in the article collection to maintain quality
  • You can still reach out to us and talk to a person! If you cannot find a suitable answer to your question in the docs, we will personally address your query. We answer most questions within 24 hours. Our technical support has been rated 4.9 out of 5 stars for our other product NutriAdmin for reference
  • We use Zendesk to handle support and the knowledge base. Zendesk are leaders in providing customer support infrastructure for the web, and many of these benefits will translate to you as a user of Mealplana.

In addition to the above, the knowledge base is integrated with Mealplana via a Help & Support Widget. You can read more about it below.

The help & support widget

When you are browsing Mealplana, you always have access to a support web widget on the bottom-right corner of the screen.

You can use the widget anytime you need help. An AI-powered chatbot will attempt to answer your questions and point you to relevant step-by-step tutorials or articles.

For example, if you are wondering how to change your password, you can type How to change my password, or simply change password, or any other variation. The bot is smart enough to understand the different ways a user may phrase a question.

Mealplana’s help web widget when asking how to change the account’s password

What makes these bot-powered answers really powerful is that you can see the solution to your issue in real time and without leaving the app.

So, in the example above, if you wanted to change your password, you could simply follow the steps on screen– without having to open a new tab in your browser.

This is really helpful as it minimises distractions and context-switching. You can see the screenshots in the web widget, and click on exactly the right spot within the software. You may even manage to solve your issue without having to read at all! Just follow the steps highlighted in screenshots to get results.

How to change your password, step-by-step, without leaving the app

Of course, if you cannot find the answer to your question you can always talk to a person. And again, you can vote whether a particular tutorial is helpful or not within the widget. If we notice a particular article is not helping users, we will restructure it and improve it so that it is more useful.

Parting thoughts

If you have any feedback or questions about Mealplana, feel free to reach out using the support widget.

Providing excellent customer support has always been one of our goals. It is personally enjoyable for us when users are satisfied. It is good for the business, and it liberates more of our resources to invest further in feature development.

If you want to try Mealplana, please check our main page by clicking here to learn more about our meal planning software

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We promise we’ll never spam! Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more info.