The new meal plan autocomplete feature

meal plan autocomplete

We have just added multiple meal plan autocomplete options to Mealplana. From now on, when you create a meal plan using Mealplana, you will get relevant suggestions as you type.

We have designed this feature to save you time, and to remove repetitive tasks from your workflow. Never again spend time manually converting grams/ounces/cup amounts, Mealplana handles this for you.

What is meal plan autocomplete

meal plan spreadsheet with autocomplete

Mealplana provides a meal plan spreadsheet interface for the user to create meal plans. The spreadsheet contains rows, columns, and cells, as any other spreadsheet you may be familiar with.

As you add foods and recipes to the meal plan, you will need to specify the amount. Different foods are typically measured differently: i.e. cups, grams, pieces, units, etc

For instance, you can advise a client to eat 1 medium-sized apple. It wouldn’t make much sense to measure apples in “litres”, or to recommend a specific amount of grams.

When you edit a plan in Mealplana, you can simply type the most natural way in which you would describe a portion of a food. The software will automatically provide you with options and fill in the relevant grams/nutrition for you.

How does the meal plan autocomplete feature work

Let’s imagine we want to add an apple to a meal plan for a client. The steps to follow are:

  1. You can type “apple, raw” in the nutrition search bar.
  2. Choose from the relevant options.
  3. Once the apple is added to the meal plan, click the portion label cell to change portions
  4. Type something like “small”. As you type, relevant suggestions are shown, sorted by equivalent gram amount.
  5. You can press ENTER in your keyboard when the portion you want is selected. This will update the portion size for the item in the plan
nutrition search bar in action with Mealplana
Searching for “apple, raw” using the nutrition search bar
Editing portion size for apple in meal plan

What are the benefits of meal plan autocompletion

The main benefit of this feature is to save you time. You can type human-readable portion sizes, and the software will determine the appropriate grams/ounces amounts for you.

This is important because the software needs precise grams for each food/ingredient in the meal plan in order to calculate accurate nutritional values.

Being accurate is important, but it would be really tedious for a user to manually count grams for each item in a plan. Moreover, clients are often unlikely to measure precise grams amounts for foods when cooking.

So, the main benefit of the meal plan autocomplete feature is that you get the best of both worlds: speed and accuracy.

This is just one of the many features we have included in Mealplana to make it the best meal planning software for professionals in the world.

Other autocompletion features

Autocompletion is not limited to portion sizes. We have implemented this feature everywhere it makes sense.

For instance, autocompletion also works when typing meals of the day, such as Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, etc in a meal plan. The software can pick up your default meals of the day from your settings. Not only that, but Mealplana will also offer as suggestions any new meals you have created as you edit your meal plan.

The whole spreadsheet can be used and navigated using a keyboard. There is no need to use your mouse or trackpad (although you can do it if you want). This means that, if you become proficient at creating meal plans with Mealplana, you can be really fast.

If you are a professional that creates meal plans for clients on a regular basis, please consider Mealplana. You can sign up for a free trial at and check out the autocompletion feature anytime.

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