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Do you perform nutritional analysis as part of your work? If so, you need access to a food nutrition database.

Many databases exist, providing nutritional data for food items and recipes. But, what do you do when you cannot find a particular food in your system?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could both search a food database and also create your own food items with macro and micronutrient information? Mealplana offers a solution to this problem.

How to create your own food nutrition database

creating a custom food item
Custom food item creation in Mealplana

You are creating a meal plan and you want to add a particular brand of nut bar as a snack. You query your food database and are unable to find any relevant items. Does this ever happen to you?

Maybe this is a local brand, not widely available worldwide. Or perhaps it’s a new product your company is launching. For whatever reason, food databases do not contain the nut bar you are looking for.

Mealplana allows you to create your own food items to use in meal plans and recipes. The software lets you name your food, create portions, and enter nutritional values.

You can check how to create a custom food in Mealplana for a step-by-step tutorial.

If you use Mealplana regularly, over time you will accumulate your own database of nutritional items. You can then quickly query any item and get results from the standard databases along your custom entries.

Using your food nutrition database in meal plans and recipes

Nutrition Search Bar
Querying for “banana” in the food database

When editing a meal plan or recipe in Mealplana you can search foods using the nutrition search bar. This single input will provide results from standard databases along with your custom food items.

For instance, imagine you create a custom nut bar and upload nutritional content for the item. Then, when you search for “nut bar”, you will get results for your own item, plus items from USDA, AUSNUT, UK, etc.

Your workflow will become more efficient the more you use Mealplana. The more items you add to your custom database, the less time creating meal plans and recipes will take.

Maximum customization and efficiency when creating foods

food portions for custom food mealplana
Customizing portions data for custom food in Mealplana

When creating a food item, you can specify:

  • Food name
  • Food group
  • Portion sizes
  • Macronutrients
  • Micronutrients

We may also add the ability to attach a picture, brand information, and other relevant data fields.

Since the data entry aspect of the interface is a spreadsheet you can simply copy/paste data. Feel free to check our meal plan spreadsheet article to learn more about Mealplana spreadsheets.

You can customize foods as much as you need. You are not limited to just “foods” in the traditional sense of the word. For instance, you could create:

  • Food supplements
  • Powders & mixes with high nutritional content
  • Herbs/spices blends
  • Anything edible with nutritional content really

Then add these to your meal plans for clients as you see fit.

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We promise we’ll never spam! Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more info.