Mealplana’s goal is to be the ultimate meal planning software solution for professionals. We strive to provide each user with a completely streamlined experience, so that creating stunning meal plans and recipes is as efficient and enjoyable as possible.

Mealplana was started in 2021 by Diego Oliveira Sanchez and Magda Sternik. The team has 6+ years of experience with NutriAdmin, an all-in-one solution for nutritionists and dietitians.

After years working with the nutrition industry, and collecting feedback from thousands of users, we decided to translate our insights into a new product, catering to the needs of professionals that create meal plans and recipes for clients on a regular basis.

Meet the team

Magda Sternik

Magda Sternik

Magda is the co-founder of mealplana.com and nutriadmin.com. Magda has completed a BSc Hons in Computer Science at Edinburgh University and has been working in software her whole professional life.