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Create stunning meal plans for clients fast

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Create stunning meal plans

Mealplana allows you to produce professional and beautiful meal plans, including macronutrient and micronutrient analysis, a shopping list, recipes, and more

Query advanced nutritional databases

Query over hundreds of thousands of foods and recipes, complete with accurate nutritional information, from USDA, branded products, AUSNUT, UK, and recipes databases. If you cannot find a food item you can also create your own

Manage recipes efficiently

Create your own recipes, or query the database for ideas. You can share recipes with clients, or use  them in meal plans. The interface is designed to be intuitive, powerful, and to save you time

Do your work in half the time

We have built software for nutrition since 2016. The interface in Mealplana is highly optimised based on the experience of thousands of users to minimise clicks and to allow work to flow efficiently

Imagine creating a professional meal plan in minutes

Mealplana is a highly specialised tool designed for the sole goal of making the meal plan creation process as efficient as possible. Every single component in the interface has been carefully considered to minimise clicking/typing, and to present useful information at the right places

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Experience the power of the Meal Plan Generator

Enter your desired diet, macronutrients, and energy needs, and instantly get hundreds of matching meal plan recommendations that meet your requirements

With many filters available, such as restricting specific foods, number of meals per day, etc you can assemble any meal plan with a few clicks

Atkins | Vegetarian | Paleo | Low Fodmap | Gluten-Free | Ketogenic | Vegan | etc

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6+ years of results

Mealplana is created by the team behind NutriAdmin, the software for nutritionists and dietitians that over 12,000+ users have tried since 2016

We are leveraging new technologies and bringing our expertise with the nutrition industry to create the ultimate meal planning software

An interface built for productivity

Mealplana allows you to search for any food/recipe instantly with a search bar that queries multiple databases on your behalf, and shows relevant results and Energy/macros at a glance

You can edit meal plans, recipes, foods, and more with our spreadsheet interface. You can select multiple cells, copy/paste, drag-and-drop, and simply type any changes as you would in any other spreadsheet

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Create your first meal plan today

Mealplana starts at USD$39.99 per month, per user. Every plan includes a 14-day free trial. You can pay in different currencies, change plan/cancel anytime, and bulk discounts are automatically included for larger teams